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 Testing Rubric version 1

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PostSubject: Testing Rubric version 1   Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:40 pm

Banned decks: True Draco, Pendulum Magician, Lightsworn variants, Trickstar, Chain Burn, Alternate Win Conditions.
Note: Banned decks are subject to change as the meta shifts.
Tester's name:
YGOPro/DB name:
Challenger's name:
YGOPro/DB name:
(Screenshot required for their deck)

Match results:(0/25)
10 points for each victory. If 2-0 in their favor, award 5 additional points.

Were they a good sport and overall pleasant to play the game with, or were they
a dick?

Did they seem experienced or knowledgeable about the game? Did they catch a misplay and point it out before you did? Did they seem to have a full understanding of how their deck or cards function?

How consistent is the deck they are using? Were the ratios good or questionable? Does it seem consistent, or bricky? (Reference the screenshot, and if there is anything odd or different about their decklist, ask them what their reasoning for it is.)

Comeback ability:(0/10) If put into a bad position, were they able to make any kind of meaningful comeback or recovery play? Did they pull through and win afterward, or not?

How did they handle the matchup? This is especially important if they are in a disadvantageous matchup.

Total score: (0/100)

0-50: Advanced Amethyst
51-80: Advanced Ruby
81-100: Advanced Sapphire

Add: You must wait one week after your first test for a free retest. After you use your free retest you must pay for it with SP(WIP).


I try to make shit decks functional, and I also build a lot of rogue decks competitively.
I question my sanity every day...
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Testing Rubric version 1
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